Training plan not in training peaks

I just resently access my account, went to training peaks to accept the plan but noting is there! Please advice

Hi - did you do step # 2 here:

Here are 3 simple steps that you need to do to use your plan:

  1. Create a FREE basic TrainingPeaks account here: .

(Make sure the email you used to buy your plan is the same email associated with your new or existing TrainingPeaks account)

  1. Check your email to accept your training plan into your TrainingPeaks library

  1. Apply your plan and choose your start date (any Monday):

Yes, this is the massege I get

Shared key is not present or has expired.

I went using my laptop but gave me the same massage " Shared key is not present or has expired"

This is the first time I try this since my purchase, maybe you will need to resend the training to Training Peaks.

Aha - ok, I just pushed that plan to you via email again - those links are only good 72hrs after which they expire. So click on it asap and then do step #3 from above.

Good luck #FtFP’ing!

I don’t receive the email from Traning Peaks with the link! I logging to the site but don’t see it! the training!

What is the email associated with your TrainingPeaks account?

Nothing is happening!! Can you verify what going on with the accoun?

My email for TrainingPeaks is

Hi. I am in the same boat, I didn’t activate the plans within 72 hours as my bike was stolen!

Can you please resend mine also.


Okay, I emailed it to you again - double check your spam folder bc I show the emailed has been delivered.

Bike thieves suck! Super sorry. I just emailed you your two plans - be sure to apply them in the next 72hrs as the links expire.

G’luck #FtFP’ing!

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Yes, got it Appreciated!!

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Hi Frank
I don’t think this plan is right for me. I just bought the Weights + Base - intermediate (and the Six Weeks to Sweet spot - Intermediate) but on starting the Weights plan it looks like most of it is designed for the gym (I’m not a member) and on a trainer (I don’t have one). I am training for a tour of the Pyrenees in 26 weeks and want to build my endurance and stamina. I do all my training outside (it is summer here in NZ). I would like to combine some core work, and I enjoyed the Foundations training that came with my original Six Weeks to Sweetspot plan - Basic. The sort of thing that I can do at home.

Can you please recommend an alternative plan for me?



I would try to stick it out with the weights. There are some great benefits. If you can get a membership it is only 10 weeks. And all the bike workouts can be completed outdoors. Just might take some more concentration and proper routes that allow you to complete the workouts as best as possible.

However if you still want something different. I would recommend the 18 week sweet spot plan

Then rolling into our 6 week Haute Route Rockies plan. This would be similar efforts to a Tour in the Pyrennees.

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Thanks Jake, please can you swap me over to those plans?
I’ve read though the weights details and there is too much there that I cant do (I have arthritis in my feet, can’t plank or jump).

Please let me know what the difference in cost is.

Thanks for your understanding,


Hey Janice,

Sending you an email about how we can go about trading out those plans for you. Look for that shortly.