MTB In Season - The End

I am approaching the end of my MTB season. Just one more race this fall. After that, I plan to take a break from “structured” training and hopefully enjoy a few fall months riding just for the fun of it. Planning to get back into structured training in November with a lengthy FC sweet spot/resistance plan. My question is what can be gained from a power analysis review? I do train with power most of the time; I have it on my road bike for intervals, efforts, etc. but not on my MTB bike; when training MTB I use RPE and HR of course. I have a good history of power date there that can be reviewed in TP. I have never asked for the review because I just felt like on any given day I either finished the efforts as prescribed (or close) or if I had a bad day I may have felt short. If there is something I can learn about my training going forward by reviewing my data from this summer, I guess I am interested in what might be there.
I really appreciate the coaching service subscription. I will definitely use it going forward during my race seasons.

The possibilities are endless of what to look at or to look for.

A few examples are:

Looking at when you hit your peak power numbers and comparing that to your CTL and TSB. So seeing if there is a trend to the amount of fitness compared to fatigue with those peaks. So when designing a training plan you can build the plan to have you at the same point for goal events.

Comparing heart rate to power. Again seeing if heart rate was lower at same power efforts. Was the training effective? Could you have done more? Was there a certain amount of work you did where fatigue really set in?

Looking at anaerobic efforts. The full gas efforts. Were you able to consistently hit the targets and maintain power, if so maybe adding in a set of those would benefit you.

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

But as Frank says if you just #FtFP you will get faster.

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