Monday CheckUp/CheckIn

Greetings Coaching Subscription Members! Thanks for joining.

Just saying Hi and encouraging you all to leverage this section of the forum to answer your training questions about your training plan, your power data and anything else.

As a reminder we can go into your TrainingPeaks once a month to help revise your plan and analyze power data but you have to ask here first :slight_smile:

Thanks -

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As someone who has never been coached since high school tennis, I’m not really sure what kinds of feedback to seek beyond FTP test review, more-than-minor plan adjustments, and maybe help structuring different training plans around each other.

On a lot of months where #FTFP worked fine and we didn’t have any adjustment-type questions, what characteristics of non-race/test rides warrant asking for some feedback from a monthly power file review and what kinds of things might be most useful to ask about?

There are a multiple of things you can ask or would like to know. But you have to know what you are looking for so I get your question. Without knowing what to look for, how would you know to ask.

As far as power analysis here are a few things you may want looked at.

  1. Ride on a particular course that you will have a race on. Get an idea of power demands and maybe training efforts you should focus on, or training plan.

  2. Look at the power of a group ride. See how it fits into the plan. Can also look to for trends of fatigue in increased heart rate, lower cadence and etc. Can compare a similar ride from month to month to see improvements or weaknesses.

  3. Look at your performance manager chart. See if you had built a nice base, are getting proper rest, see when you are feeling your best. Of course #FtFP will pretty much put you on track.

  4. See if you are completing intervals correctly. Looking at Vo2 max efforts to make sure your are not starting to hard and fading, looking at burst workouts to see if you are maintaining a solid effort between, on anaerobic efforts making sure you are completing all the intervals at the proper effort, maybe see if you should do or not do a 3rd set and etc.

Really the possibilities are endless. But it’s just a matter of knowing what you want looked at.

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Also @chad in addition to what Coach @Jake said, it’s important to know what you are training for!?

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