Max ATL for 50+?

Plenty of info here about max CTL for a 50-ish rider (me) but is there a max ATL to keep in mind? I have to fill a couple week in between now and the SS4 plan and the GF plan with a goal GF in mid-Sept. I notice that the SS123 plan has generally had me go up to 90-110 ATL in the third week before having a rest week. Is there a number I shouldn’t go over if I give myself a couple of four weekers to stretch things out?

Or even extending this final sweet spot 3 week block I’m currently doing to five weeks to get my CTL as high as possible (looks like 85 possible mapping this out in the PMC), then a rest week, then SS4, then a rest week, then GF plan? Is that dumb?

Hi @theodore.powers - I have never really thought about max ATL primarily because I have concentrated on designing the plan that’s achievable yet productive. I can say if you are making it turn green everyday and FtFP’ing - you’re all set , don’t need to worry about max ATL. I don’t have a set number to not go over.


Thanks @FRANK . I definitely FtFP but I have two weeks to fill to string all the plans together with a goal date. Just trying not to do anything dumb with those two weeks, and hopefully something useful.

I know these are questions more for a coaching subscription, so sorry. Just thinking whether I should add two more weeks of SS3 style work to my current final SS3 block, or add two more weeks of SS4 training at the end of that plan, or one extra week of each.

i think the question is how best to use those two weeks - how’s your power and your endurance? Choose one or the other.

To work on your power for your grand fondo read and listen to this:

To work on your endurance, keep sweet spotting in order to raise your CTL.

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Awesome @FRANK thanks! I am already extending my SS3 with an extra 3 week block and am still seeing my FTP creep up while doing it, so I will probably add two more weeks of that to get my CTL up to near 90 level before doing SS4 and then GF plans.