Matt Hayman style Sweet Spot Training

Hello FasCat -

I’m having to end my road season early due to a broken collarbone in a crit! I’m going to start training on zwift now Matt Hayman style.


So basically my question is: since I’m starting my off season so early and jumping straight into sweet spot part 1, should I tweak the order of the sweet spot plan? I know that sweet spot part 3 is a transition from base to race but if I just wanted to base build from now until March, would running sweet spot part 2 over and over be a viable plan?


Hi Michael -

Love your resolve but a couple of pieces of advice:

First, man, take a break. Its June 20th and you don’t want to start training for races March 2020 - there’s TOO much time. I know, crazy, right?

Do sweet spot training this summer to maintain fitness - keep the orders of the plans from the 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot.

Plan out a ‘post season’ break. And then do our 32 week off season training plan. Plan that one backwards from March. Not forward from June :slight_smile:

Heal up & take your time with injury. Hope that helps!