5:2 intermittent fasting

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So I’ve been doing the 5:2 fasting diet (two non consecutive days of no more than 600 calories) for the last five years (I do come off it from time to time and of course the weight piles on). I’ve lost about 56 pounds at its most successful. During that time I’ve also cycled riding about 7000 miles a year, including a daily commute, sportives, long distance etc and used training plans.

The talking point I want to raise is whether in reality this diet is really compatible with cycling? Am I underselling myself through this diet in terms of cycling performance? I’m also dabbling with a plant based approach too. I have to say I don’t really come off it but wondering about people’s views on it. Has anyone else used this diet particularly on a training plan?

That sounds like a recipe for disaster. I believe that a cyclist has to fuel for the ride to get the most benefit from the training. I don’t think the body would adapt under a low caloric day and be too tired during the effort to make change happen. You may want to try a fasted ride in the morning to lose weight if that’s the objective. Also, track your calories with an app like My Fitness Pal. You could try to cut your calories by 200-300 during the base phase, but you’ll need the calories during the build and interval phases of training.

This is just my belief from what I’ve heard from other podcast and winning in the kitchen.

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I don’t think so @greenleys - I think now that you’ve lost the weight (congrats by the way!) you want your nutrition to support your cycling and more importantly your wattage. Fuel your workouts and power.

Carbohydrates are to YOU as gasoline is to a Ferrrari :racing_car: Fuel up to go faster!

As described in our Winning In the Kitchen Podcast and Training Tip:


Okey dokey guys and thanks. I have about a stone and half to lose in the New Year (just not been possible this side of Christmas). I do like winning in the kitchen so will see if that helps. I did the rocket with every meal last year and lost quite a bit.

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