Just squat, leg press, leg curl?

hello, from South Korea
I get a training plan Weights + Base - Intermediate
16 Weeks
it’s a cycling work out and weight training plan .
in weight traning, there’s only lower body exercises . squat,leg curl, leg press …
Should I don’t need training for back or arms?
please understand about my bad English.
have a nice day

Hey @ssangzoosk8 - thanks for joining the fascat community!

We do not prescribe upper body workouts in our plans because they don’t make you faster. We are here to make you faster on the bike. If it doesn’t we leave it out & prescribe that time to do the work that does make you faster.

If you want upper body exercises, to look good, maintain muscle mass, bone density - we suggest Yoga and we give you a 60 day FREE YogaGlo.com membership

We covered this question in this Q&A podcast (about 1/2 way thru) https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/ask-fascat-6/

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