Impact of Covid on power

Omicron positive in early January. I thought my symptoms were pretty mild, and decided to do an FTP Ramp test about 5 days after positive test. Let’s not dwell on how dumb this was, but it made me realize that outward symptoms don’t tell the whole picture.

That FTP was around 25% lower than same time the year prior. Today I did another test and it is improving, but certainly not back to year prior. I have been following the plan with pretty good compliance. 6 weeks have passed since onset of symptoms.

A few questions:

  1. Anyone have a similar experience?
  2. Is my response of a 7% improvement due to following the plan, recovering, or a combo of both?
  3. Is anyone aware of studies tracking athletes recovering from covid?

I feel fortunate that my symptoms were mild and also feel selfish asking the question because so many have been impacted way worse. Hope it cool to ask the question in the forum.


If you’re feeling like reading a write-up on UpToDate (the modern doctor’s best friend), you might check out this article. There’s some good nuggets in there on the vein of your question 3:

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