I'm bad at FTP test

For whatever reason I’m notoriously bad at doing ftp test. I can’t complete one to save my life. But every now and again I get these messages saying my ftp went up (see screenshot). Should I adjust my ftp the the screenshot ot should I try and complete a ftp test? I live in NYC and there’s really no place to do an outdoor test. This ride was while visiting a friend so I won’t be able to always do this climb.

Unfortunately, we’re gonna need a lot more info:

-Why do you fail FTP tests? During your last test, how long into the test did you fail and what was your average power at that point?

-Was that test done indoors or outdoors? Do you train mostly indoors, mostly outdoors or an even mix of both?

-What’s your FTP currently set at?

Why do you fail FTP tests?
-I do my test on the trainer and I think because I have the option to stop and get off when the going gets tough as opposed to being outdoors on a hill somewhere with other riders and my ego kicks in.

During your last test, how long into the test did you fail and what was your average power at that point?
-I failed at about the 40min mark and my ftp was 232.

Was that test done indoors or outdoors? Do you train mostly indoors, mostly outdoors or an even mix of both?
-My last test was indoors and I do a mix of both.

What’s your FTP currently set at?
-It’s set to 242 at the moment.

Hmmm - what kind of test are you doing? We prescribe a 20 minute test:

For that data above you shared, where did that come from?

@FRANK A little clarification - it’s 40min into the entire test which is an hour total. After the warmup, the Z2, and so on.

It’s a free site Intervals.icu Sports Analytics and Planning
Here’s the whole ride info


  1. How long into the test did you fail?

  2. What was your average power for the test at the moment you failed?

Remember, not interested in data from the warm up here, only from the test.

About 10min into the test and the power at the time of failure was about 275-300ish if I’m not mistaken. I can’t really remember the exact number.

Then you don’t have any issues other than bad pacing :wink:

Feel free to test outside; most people enjoy it more. I have athletes who test in Central Park, Prospect Park, or who get up to bear mtn when they need to do an FTP test.

But regardless of if you test indoors or outdoors, spend some time before your next test reflecting on why you’re doing it.

It’s not a battle to the death that’s designed to torture you, it’s a progress check that 1) let’s you know your level of improvement, and 2) keeps your zones set accurately so training progresses. If you’re failing after ten minutes you’re not being realistic about power targets and you aren’t taking your pacing seriously. Ask yourself “Can I do this for 20 minutes?” If the answer is “maybe,” you are probably going hard enough. If the answer is “heck no,” then you are going too hard. And if you’re failing 10 minutes into a test, there’s no way that 6 or 7 minutes in you’d be thinking “yes, I can realistically do this for 20 minutes.”

Adjust the way you think about FTP testing and it’ll become more productive for you.

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How anyone can do an ftp test in Central park or Prospect Park is beyond me. Maybe they go before the tourist and horses. I’m going to have to take a scouting trip to Bear Mtn since I’ve never been there and check out the climb.

I guess I need to not take the “full gas” part so serious early on in the test and pace myself better.

So should I raise my ftp based on yesterdays ride numbers or should I leave it where it’s at?

Thank you for all the help and advise.

also try a 20 minute test - not even pro’s can do an hour long test mentally

In my 1st post when I say “I get these messages saying my ftp went up” mean in a normal ride. Not that I was out purposely doing an ftp test. In the ride that I posted it was just a ride with a friend that had this nice climb.

I do all my ftp test on a trainer indoors. When I said 40 min I was referring to the total time into the workout based on the plan. These are the test I’m really horrible at. Sorry for the confusion.

Intervals.icu can give an estimation of FTP, based off an “all out” effort from 3 minutes and/or longer. In the settings, you can specify that, in seconds.

What is your current setting?
The default is 180 seconds

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Hey @A.Garcia something I like to do with my athletes that might help you is to break up the test into 3 parts; the first 5’, the middle 10’ and the final 5’. In the first 5’ I instruct athletes to ride maybe 5 watts below whatever their goal is, the middle 10’ right at their goal and the final 5’ as hard as they can. This seems especially helpful for athletes with a lot of anaerobic ability who need to apply a little more pacing to not blow up. Hope that’s helpful!

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