Iceman Training Plan Duration

I purchased the Iceman training plan to prep for the race in November. On the plan page, it shows as 6 weeks, on the description it shows 11 weeks, and when I load it to my Training Peaks calendar it is 13 weeks. Was there a change in the plan?

There was no change to the plan. When I originally built it the plan was 13 weeks long. That was before FasCat went to the standard 6 week training plan format. You basically just got two plans for one with the 13 week plan.


It appears the older plan doesn’t have the workouts built in. None of the workouts in the plan are syncing up to my Wahoo. Do you have a fix for this?

The original 13 week Iceman plan was built before the workout builder was available.

There is a new, updated version of the plan coming for 2019 that should be available soon that will have the workout builder. If you just purchased the plan I’m sure Frank would be up for swapping out the plans for you.

However remember the new plan falls in line with our 6 weeks plan as opposed to the 13 week plan the original Iceman plan. But you can just do a few weeks of a sweet spot plan leading into the updated version of Iceman plan and that would work out great!

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Yeah swapping would be cool. Its much easier with the workout on the head unit!