Sweet spot group ride goal

Hi there!

My planned workout for sunday was a 3 hr Sweet spot group ride with a 171 TSS, but in the workout description said that the goal should be 200 TSS and that the normalized power in sweet spot.

If I ride 3 hours in Sweet spot, my TSS is around ~240.

So, which should be the goal? To go out and sweet spot until I hit the TSS (which one?) or to go out and try to achieve sweet spot for 3 hours?

Hi Diego - for the TSS rides go with the TSS in the title.

Your goal should be to modulate your effort so that you hit your TSS at the prescribed duration. 3 hours assumes they is some time spent below sweet spot wattages for downhills, coasting, turns , rest, etc…

If you want to post the TrainingPeaks workout that will help us better answer in the context of the workout

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Hi Big Cat!

This is my activity, I’m also a Fascat coaching subscription athlete, guess you can check my workout better through your account.

I know I rode more than planned, if you select the first 3:30 hours of training, you get a TSS of 225. It’s 29% more than I should have done.

Should I keep training like this, or should I make specific sweet spot efforts instead of riding hard sweetspot style?