How to Reboot the System to #FTFP

About three-plus weeks ago, I just stopped #FTFP. 1 part life, 1 part burnout. I just didn’t have the time or energy to commit to riding my bike much at all, let alone train.

I now find myself behind schedule, with lost fitness and CX is around the corner.

What’s the best routine to reboot the system and for how long before I can jump back into my CX intensity training?

After 3 weeks you have likely not lost an enormous amount of fitness.
I highly recommend jumping into our 6 weeks till CX plan. That will help get you set up for your cx season. Do the basic level so you can ease your way back in. Then do our cx intervals plan and for that one you can bump up to the intermediate level as you have done in the past (or stick to basic if that creates a better work/home life/training balance).