How do I train for long climbs if I live in a flat area?

I’m looking to do a Gran Fondo in October that has 8000 feet of climbing. Problem is, I live in Florida so getting elevation is a challenge. Any suggestions on how to train for elevation when your training is all on flat roads?

I asked the same question when Frank was soliciting us for podcast questions. Here is the podcast for a listen not only to our question but, many other great questions. Frank had 2 main solutions one of which I had not thought of…listen at the 2:15 mark.

^^^^^^ my thoughts exactly :muscle: Thanks @Landis !

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Is it windy where you live in FL? It is here, and I used a GCN tip from 2015 (?) to successfully train for my first big event in 2016. The GCN tip was to do intervals into the wind, sitting up hands on hoods like you might on a climb.