Hill repeats instead of SS Group Ride?

Good morning ,

In the process of doing 18 SS plan, and had hill repeats to do yesterday (Sunday), I did some digging & asking around and found I nice hill that I ended up doing repeats on, not huge, but 100m elevation over 1.24mi with grade of 4.4%, completed just shy of 1500m of climbing in my SS zone. First time doing repeats and I actually enjoyed it , keep in mind my indoor riding is on rollers & no zwift so no climbing, so it was a nice change.

So this coming weekend I have a 4hr SS ride with 200TSS, can I switch this to SS hill repeats for for the same TSS as watts are watts or not a good idea as Sunday I have Zone 6, Four 1 minuters for a TSS of 185?

Btw, back to my Friday question, I rode harder but wasn’t pushing that hard, on my SS solo ride Saturday (no group rides permitted here in Ontario,still) and hit a new 20min & 60min peak power and 60min HR :muscle: :metal:


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Hey Gavin,
You nailed it when you said “watts are watts”
So long as you are not spending significant amounts of time above your SS zone (> 1 min) you can ride however you please… which means steady hill repeats are a totally acceptable way to complete that workout!

Also kudos for thinking ahead and planning a route that fits your training plan.
#FtFP’ing level = expert :raised_hands:t3:


Awesome, thanks @Lacey_Rivette just wanted to make sure.
For some reason I feel like I’ve accomplished more by climbing after last weeks hill repeats.


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