Did I go too hard?

So this past weekend were my last group training rides for my 18 Wk SS plan. Thanks Frank for the boost of extra motivation earlier last week :metal: it didn’t rain like forecast but was crazy hot.

Saturday was a 4hr attack interval-esque ride for 256 TSS and I did just that. I decided to do 20min efforts and in process set a new FTP, an increase of 17%, confirmed via an email from TrainingPeaks, the last 32mins I rode Z2 to achieve TSS and completed the ride in 3hrs 10mins. Sunday was a 2.5hr Freestyle SS ride where the goal was to achieve 90mins in SS and 184 TSS. I usually had no issues doing these rides back-back in the past holding SS for the whole 90mins or so but never in that heat, however yesterday I felt pretty broken from Saturdays ride, I had to break it down into 20min blocks for a total of 80mins and rode the balance to achieve TSS in Z2 and it took me 2hrs 51mins. At this point I feel it’s important to note, this weekend was crazy HOT here with temps being 37 Celsius (98.6 F) with humidity and will continue for next few days.

Now, although I set a new FTP Saturday I am confident I can do better, but I’m still feeling the effects of the weekend rides this morning. I have my FTP test tomorrow which I’m doing on the rollers in my basement (same as initial test), and I want to give it my absolute all. If I’m not feeling 100% can I push it back a day and would some sort of recovery or short Z2 ride in the meantime be beneficial?

Can’t believe it’s been 18 weeks already!


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Hey Gavin, congrats on FtFP’ing the 18 week plan AND for the new FTP!
What we would advise will really depend on what plan you are doing next and how hard you have been going the past 2 weeks. You do not want to be over fatigued going into a field test.

With all that said, I really think you would benefit from our coaching subscription where a coach can walk you through how to analyze your training data and adjust your plan if you need more time to rest.

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Also want to note that training in the heat can do a number on your ability to nail your workout! Heat exhaustion is no joke, so try to get out as early as you can to avoid it. Also be sure you are hydrating sufficiently… you likely need more than you think!


Thanks @Lacey_Rivette , ya I went through 5 bottles of fluid each day plus a few extras upon returning home. When it’s that warm I usually prep the bottles the evening before and freeze and have 1 ready to start in the fridge, I keep 2 in the cages and the remaining 3in the back of my jersey while they slowly thaw.

I’ve been riding at the top end of each range for the workouts. I believe the heat added to the additional fatigue so I’m listening to my body and pushed the field test back a few days wile focusing as usual on sleep, nutrition & hydration. I’ll most likely either test Wednesday or Thursday.

Although I have purchased 2 other Fascat plans, Sweet Spot 4 Polarized & Intervals for Road Racing, I’ve decided to take a break as I’ve done enough solo riding for now lol & groups rides are now permitted here in Ontario and it’s now summer it’s time to have some fun by joining the local cycling club and do some faster longer group rides.