Adjusting weekend rides due to weather

Good morning,

Trying to plan ahead for my weekend workouts as it’s looking now like it’s going to be rain & wind all weekend here in Toronto.

I have a 4hr SS group ride Saturday (TSS of 256) and 2.5hr SS Freestyle ride Sunday (TSS of 185). 4hrs on the rollers is out of the question lol at this time of year, I could possibly do the 2.5hr ride but would really prefer to ride outside.

I’m thinking since Friday is still looking good right now get my 4hr ride in Friday and wait and see what happens with Sunday and possible do my Sunday ride on the trainer if feeling up to it or push it back to Monday and push my FTP test from Tuesday back to Wednesday?

Been very lucky with weekend weather thus far on my 18 Wk SS plan when it comes to the weekend rides, I do all my weekday workouts on the trainer, really want to nail this last week and get the most prep possible for my end of program field test.


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70’s and a few showers should not deter you from FTFP’ing!

Be safe but go get yourself a rain cape and clear lenses + a good base layer and maybe some arm warmers.

There just is not much of a single day substitute to a good four 4 ride. Long term yes, in a custom revision but there is no 1:1 sub, sorry. If you are training for your field test you could sub out threshold intervals : 2 x 10, for example


Thanks @FRANK for the extra push & motivation - I have all the appropriate gear/clothing so full send it is then in to the weekend :metal: :muscle: