Hill climb time trial plan

Would the hill climb plan or the Strava plan be best for hill climb time trial racing. I will have a series of hill climb tt’s ranging from 3 minutes to 20, with a 12 minute climb as my A race and a 20 minute as my B. They are races rather than strava targets but effort wise it’s the same. Which plan would you recommend?

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For a 12 minute A race climb, I’d go with Phil’s Strava KOM plan:


There are instructions in the plan to train specifically for your 12 minute climb, good luck!

After you finish that you could try the time trial intervals plan as well to round out your physiology

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What if you don’t have hills to train on but the Workouts suggest finding an hour hill or 10,000 ft of elevation like the Crusher simulation rides? I live in Houston. Hard to simulate anything like that here. Thoughts?

Try to find a spot you can ride uninterrupted for an hour. It’s basically all you can do. That is good because while climbing at the crusher there are no 15-30 second rest periods for traffic lights. Just maintain on the pedals the best you can. A lot of us don’t have that option but still make it work.