Heart Rate Variability

Hello again Frank.

I restarted training after recent in jury with the focus of paying more attention on rest. I am a shift worker and my schedules are a nightmare for training and rest so I recently researched HRV training and I think I might be on to what has been missing in my never ending quest to be stronger and more fit on the bike.
With that I have a better understanding of how many variables there are in the equation as well. So I was wondering what you would consider to be a good baseline give my age ( 56 )?
I understand this is a loaded question with lots of unknowns for you but what has been you experience with athletes my age.

Thank you Frank.

Hi there @slgabrys - welcome back to the trainings.

I am not sure there is a baseline for age with HRV - everybody is different. I don’t even know my baseline. It goes up HRV goes down - that’s the important thing.

Additionally ask yourself:
are you minimizing stress from your physical/cycling training but also ‘life stress’ from work, relationships, kids, work, money, etc…

Those seemed to be the biggest movers of HRV for me. Yoga really helped as well as the Float Tank and CryoTherapy.

I’ve got all the recovery techniques compile in this training tip you can read, watch and listen to:

I really think recovery (mostly in the form of good quality sleep) is the HOLY GRAIL for us masters cyclists.

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Thanks Frank and I get it. My problem is sleep, working shift work is a cancer to my rest cycle so I’m never at 100% and it shows.

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