Offseason break and HRV

I’m on day 13 of my offseason break and my HRV is essentially unchanged. would have guessed I’d see some improvement. Last year I took 10 days off before resuming training (no HRV data).

I feel rested; should I extend my break until it improves? What has been other’s experience with HRV following your offseason break?

Hi James,

Sometimes not riding gets people really stressed out, so maybe that’s at play here. Remember, HRV is also a measure of psychological stress.

What I would try is re-introducing a little exercise, either some easy fun rides or your preferred form of cross training. See how you feel and what the numbers say.

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My experience is that its all over the place. What your resting HR doing?

@humunuku - also same as before the break.

@CoachAndrew - I wasn’t stressed over not training this year although I did travel to and from the East Coast so maybe the time change didn’t help…

what tracker are you using?

You guys - HRV and taking an off season break have no correlation.

There is not something your HRV should ‘do’ from a 2 week post season break.

Taking 2 weeks is tried and true - honor the break and resuming training when you have finished. Start gradually with your training per our plans and life will be good!

Observe your HRV values but do not read into them 'my break is working or not"

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@FRANK good to know. thanks for chiming in and clarifying!

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