Has the content moved?

Howdy cats,

This morning I received my Tuesday weekly go fast email and I noticed I had not seen or heard quite a few articles in the email.

As a bit of a pocket protector type I subscribe to the RSS feed on the site and obviously subscribed to the podcast through Apple podcasts. Although I have not seen any new content for a few weeks or so; no biggy as everyone needs a regeneration week now and again. However when I checked the site there is a lot of stuff I’ve missed. Have the digital feeds changed recently?

All our training tips, podcasts and videos are here, check back frequently and stay tuned for new training tips weekly.

The Training Tip Tuesday email is also a great way to stay up-to-date. We podcasted with the winner of Unbound Gravel, Ian Boswell, this morning! Its up on Spotify and and should have it up on our RSS feed very soon

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