New Podcast 🔥 Training Topics for August

FasCats! New podcast covering 4 training topics relevant for most everyone in August:

They are with their specific show note link:
#1 Gels > Blocks > Bars every 30 minutes!

#2 Steamboat Gravel Tire Choice

Taper in Cycling for Peak Performance

Cyclocross Skills to be Practice NOW


Tapering topic came at an appropriate time. Thanks!

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I don’t know if you’ve covered this, but a topic you may want to consider in the future is how to train effectively in a changing climate.

As a person who lives in the west, one of the biggest roadblocks to consistent training over the last few years has been climate change. There have been far more days where it’s just too hot to ride, where air quality is so poor I either can’t ride at all or have to make the mental calculation of, “is it good enough to train or will the effects of smoke inhalation be a net negative?”, etc.

It sucks but it’s becoming an accepted part of my life.