Ian Boswell Unbound Gravel Race Recap Podcast

Hey Coalition Members! This pod is hot of the press as they say - recorded with Unbound Gravel’s champ and all around beast: Ian Boswell.

Ian is a former Word Tour pro that used to train a LOT - like 25-30 hour weeks regularly so a LOT of mitochondria that he for sure has retained since his retirement after the 2019 season.

I sat down (well podcasted with him remotely) with Ian Boswell fresh off his Unbound Gravel Victory to talk about his training, how the race went down, what he ate & drank and the equipment he ran.

I dove into Ian’s power data as well! Listen to the end to hear what Ian’s spirit animal is as well as his racing plans the rest of the summer. Congrats to Ian for such a huge victory and best of luck the rest of the season :muscle:


I’ve searched and don’t seem to see a site that allows direct download of this and the prior podcast. I’ve used Podbean successfully for downloads in the past, but it does not seem to have the latest episodes.

Is there another option for downloads that I am missing?

Hi Chad - sorry about that, I wonder what is up…


I use Spotify to listen and download. Maybe podbean will populate here shortly.

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Most podcast sites on the web (like Podbean and many others…) use the rss feed to fetch new episodes. As mentioned in a comment to your “new website” post, the rss feed for podcasts is no longer working.

Hey fellas - Our RSS feed is g2g - try again.

I cross referenced a few other podcast player apps like OverCast and Pocket Cast and those are working. Strangely podbean is not… and that is what I mean I do not know why