Haven't seen a new podcast on Stitcher for a while?

Did I miss a change?

The last podcast on Stitcher is CTL for Masters Cyclists (April 17, 2021).

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I mentioned a similar issue with Podbean not getting all the latest episodes a while ago.

It seems some apps/players are picking up our RSS feeds while others aren’t. We are very much podcasting weekly:

Can it be fixed? All my other podcasts on Stitcher still work so it must be some configuration issue.

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Yeah last one on my podcast player April 17 too

It looks like the latest podcasts started showing up on Stitcher again. Thanks for fixing it!


HA, I was just coming here to tell you that I fixed it… but you beat me to it.
You are welcome!!


Would it be possible to check out PocketCast as well? The last episode I have there is April 7.