Gravel race timing and route recommendations

Hi I’ve been following your in season gravel plan for about 2 and a half weeks now to get ready for gravel worlds coming August 17th. I’m really enjoying the plan and looking forward to trying the off season plans as well. Anyway. My question is this. I’m gonna be in Boulder for the Ironman 70.3 race [August 3rd to participate in the relay bike portion. My wife is swimming I’m biking and a friend is running. I’ve done Ironman in the past but I’m really looking forward to just smashing the bike and having fun. This would be 2 weeks before Gravel worlds which should be my longest gravel simulation ride of 5 hr. Should I just do the relay and call it good or ride the day after there in Boulder also. The bike portion is 56 miles and my estimated time is about 2:15-2:20ish. My wife gave me the green light to bring my gravel bike too. We also have a 5 month old son we are bringing also so her letting me do that is awesome! I could ride an hour or two the day after so do you have recommendations where I could get a good mountainous gravel ride in there. I’m from Kansas and Looking forward to riding near mountains. Thanks for your time.

Hi Joe! Welcome in advance and I’m sure you’ll get in some good rides.

Just because you are coming to Boulder doesn’t mean you should deviate from the plan. To answer your question - try to follow your plan as best as possible - if it say do a 5 hour ride , do that and the relay can be inside of that.

I don’t recall what you plan says to do the next day - but do that here in Boulder too. This is my nicest way of saying FtFP :slight_smile:

Good luck at Worlds!

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