GF how much to ride one week before the race

Been following the GF plan for last 6 weeks, was planing the ride the full course one week before the race 101 miles 8k feet elevation , is too much with 7 days to go? Would it make sense to do a shorter ride with 7 days to go? I still plan to taper in the last week either way as per plan, but the plan does call for a 5 hour ride one week before this maybe a longer than 5 hour and recommended tss.

That is a good idea (riding the whole course) but you want to consider what your training plan has you doing downstream. Since its a rest week you are probably fine but I/we do think a 5 hour ride is ‘goldilicks’ (just right).

In other words what do you gain from riding the whole course and doing 7 hours versus the predicament you create (additional fatigue that you may not be able to recover from in time for the Fondo).

The conservative answer is #FtFP - ride for 5 hours on the course, per the plan and recovery like a champ. Good luck!

@FRANK, what do you mean by openers the day before a big ride? Can you define what these are for a novice like me? Thanks

Frank, thank you will do , #ftfp.

Openers are like a warm up ride the day before. You typically want to hit the energy systems you will use in your upcoming event. They literally help the muscles open up after an easy week and rest day in preparation of the ride or race intensity you will face.