Tapering for my A race event

Hi Guys,
I’ve got my A race coming up in 3 weeks time and was wondering what the best way to loose fatigue whilst maintaining a good CTL would be?
I’ve planned a series of short intervals with 20 mins endurance afterwards.

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Check out our ‘The art of Taper’ training tip and I will tell ya you are going to have to decrease CTL to raise TSB - that is the most important metric for making more watts which leads to your best performance.

I’d also ask:
What plan are you following and what is the race?

Hi Frank,
Thanks for the reply.
Race is a Grand Fondo.
I did the Sweetspot training earlier in the year, and have been following a structured build up to the event.
I was coached last year, but have been self coaching this time around, following similar training as before.
My only “concern” is wanting to be as fresh as possible, loosing fatigue.

Hi @c4col - we always advocated FtFP’ing so for a Fondo I’d recommend you get on our Fondo plan:

This way you have plan that works you hard but balances the recovery to have the best day possible. You could DIY your own taper without the plan or simply tap into our expertise from the training plan design

Hope that helps! Here is the Taper training tip I referenced in my earlier post https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/tapering-in-cycling-for-peak-performance/