Fuelling early morning workouts

Hi everyone,

I usually do my workouts early in the morning, as I have a full-time job, family, etc.

I usually wake up 40 minutes before I hit the streets / rollers, so I can have my first meal only a few minutes in advance.

What should I eat to get the most out of my hard workouts? What about recovery workouts?



I guess some of this would depend on what you are use to and also the type of workout you are doing.

One of the best things you can is a banana to fueling that first 30 minutes of the workout. After that maybe you can have a energy bar and gel. That will fueling for a quick hour ride.


For me I feel like I can have a pretty typical breakfast even that soon before a ride. Maybe a lighter portion, or split it in half. Half before and half after. One great tip to maximize your time is to have your breakfast prepared the night before. This way it is ready to go and you can eat right away and not prep. Can have some rice already made and just need to heat up.


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