VO2 max numbers - have I increased my FTP?

Hi there,

I’ve just completed ‘Big Cats’ go to VO2 max workout. 2 x (2x3min) 3min b/w reps 6min b/w sets.

My last 20min power test indicated my FTP = 250.

In the above workout I averaged 307.5 watts for each rep eg: 123% of FTP.

I anticipate my FTP has increased. I am doing another 20min power test next week.

From the above workout is there a way / calculation of estimating my current FTP so I can pace my 20min test next week?

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Unfortunately there really is not a way to help detect a pace to hold for your FTP test based on that 3 minute Vo2 max workout.

You can look at your past workouts and see if you hit any best 20 minute or 60 minute normalized power numbers. Typically we would get these from races or group rides, but those have not been happening.

You can also look at you average power for each set of the Vo2 max intervals (3 min ON, 3 min OFF, 3 min ON) which is 9 minutes so nearly half the field test. A lot of times I will give my athletes a 2 x 10 Full gas interval day the week before the field test to help determine a power target for their field test. But in the long run you still have to go off of feel. You should be rest and ready to put your best effort.

Best bet is to start your FTP test at 265 watts for the first 5 minutes let the effort come up to you and go from feel from there.

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this is a feature of the sweet spot polarized plan. But like Coach @Jake said - best to go by feel. The WHOLE Reason that you are testing is that we/you don’t know (that’s why we test). There is no information in the power data (not even in various software that claim too) that can predict without you actually doing it - the 20 minute test. Therefore ----

Thanks Jake.

To confirm your suggestion is to start at 265 watts even though I held 263 watts for 20 min last time? Eg 263 watts = 250 FTP.

Thanks Frank.

On another note - I just saw your cat on instagram. No wonder they cool you the Big Cat!

Cool cat

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Without seeing your data I would start where your FTP test was last time, at least for the first 3 - 4 minutes. Unless you have had some much higher 10 minute intervals as of late that have felt easy. Let the effort come up. But then you really need to go by feel.