FTP test pacing question

I am doing a FTP test tomorrow. I did one three weeks ago at the end of SS1. I felt awesome and went out way too hard in the first 5 minutes (300 watts) and really struggled and saw a huge decrease in the last 15 minutes ultimately finishing at 283.

So I want to retest and pace better this time. What power range should I aim for in the first 2-5 minutes that is sustainable and leave me a little energy to push all out at the end?

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300 is obviously too much. But you finished the test with an average of 283 watts. So that might be a good starting point. 280 - 285 watts. Might feel easy to start but that is ok. First 5 minutes should feel almost easy.

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Hey there James,
I’m not a Fascat Coach but i can tell you that i purchased the SS4 polarized training plan, and on that plan i noticed they have a tip on one of the workouts…
2 10 min full gas efforts with a 5 min z2 break in between.
Then average those 2 10 min efforts including the 5 min rest and that should be the number you aim for when pacing the first 2 mins on the field test…
Frank goes over it on this video:

Think it’s around the 6:45 min mark.

Give it a look. :wink:

P.S- Was typing when Jake had already replied…


Thanks for that tip @brunocfeijao. I saw that workout on a previous plan but just couldn’t fit it in before this test.

Ah that’s a shame then…
I guess follow what coach Jake said then hehe.
Gl with the test btw!!! :muscle:

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Thanks @Jake. I’m always afraid of starting too slow and then having left over energy in the tank at the end. I’m going to commit to trusting the process this time.