FTP test question

I wonder what your opinion is about my test field.

I typically use a ~ 2 mile section on what’s called Hogpen Gap. It’s a steep but consistent climb, ~ 10-12 % all the way up (northern side).

Is this an appropriate hill test for my FTP ? I understand it could overestimate my FTP but the rest of the possible candidate hills

are different. For example the southern approach of this same climb also has a 2+ mile steep portion with the exception that it

“flattens out” a bit at 2-3 sections and the rest is just as steep, even up to 15-17 % for some sections.

Thx for your advice !



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Right on Lajos - tell us what plan you are on and then we can help answer you better!

Have you read our goto training tip on field testing?


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Hi Frank,

Thx. I have read your article about the testing. My question may be too specific, I understand
the concept of a moderate hill, I think I will have a difficult time finding it here.
For now, I just stick to that mountain test that I think is the best compromise.
I am not on any specific plan, kind of follow a few concepts and train my LT and anaerobic power
relatively regularly. Maybe your sweet spot plan could help me.

Yea, my best advice is straight out of Nike’s playbook, ‘just do it’

Of course analyze the power data after. If you truly go as hard as you can physically and mentally for 20 minutes, all 1,200 seconds you are ‘doing it right’.

Good luck!

Having ridden Hogpen (I assume your talking about the one in GA), I’d say a as long as you have the correct gearing, you’ll be good. you dont want to run out of gears and mash. The side coming from Helen GA would not be a good road for a test as the grade changes are going to mess with your power too much.

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@FRANK @Jake On a related FTP test question; I just got the Foundation Plan and noticed that there wasn’t a FTP test at the beginning. While I understand not needing to test for this plan, should riders FTP test regularly throughout the fall? Every 6 weeks?

You don’t need to test every 6 weeks. Chances are your FTP is not changing that much. Too many variables can also throw off your test if doing every 6 weeks. I know a lot of riders get to nervous for them or can be unmotivated after the results of not improved.

I always find the best time to do them are after key training phases. Such as two weeks after resistance phase, 8 or so weeks into base training, after seeing spot training before and interval training. Maybe 4 or 5 times a year.

Of course if efforts are feeling too easy you would want to do a test. Worse case it’s a great 20 minute training effort.


This is what I was thinking too.

Another thing you can do is look at group ride or races data when you are pushed.


Also doing a Strava-val would be a great way as well. If there is a segment around 20 minutes you’d ever like to do on a hard weekend ‘group’ ride or simulation ride.


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This Hogpen Gap strava segment looks phenomenal. You’d have to be a pro to go under 20 minutes!


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Hi Frank,

Far away from a pro, trust me.
I was thinking about the other side.


Yes, agree with you.
That’s what I was thinking.

This is downhill but obviously I a, climbing it, gives us an idea.