FTP test coming up

I got my FTP test coming up and will use left hand canyon. Is there a better start point up the climb? I feel last time i did it i came across some flat spots and maybe started too soon.


So I have down Lefthand only a few times but feel it does stay a bit more steadier after the turn onto Lee Hill. Of course I could be wrong and someone that lives there can fill in more.

However there is nothing wrong with hitting some flatter sections. Just use your gears to shift. Really would just want to avoid doing downhills where you can no longer put out the most power you can.

Regardless for fun I would recommend you starting your test at the same spot every time. This way you can use more of a finish line as opposed to time. Well that is if the conditions, more or less wind, are similar. You have a marker in mind of where you made it to last time and you can use this as motivation to get further. I have set myself up with a little course where I live. Its more of a square to avoid the wind factor a bit. But just find it motivating as opposed to being glued to watching a time.

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Well all completed !!! Weather was tough… perfect temp around 75 but pretty gusty winds. I would go around a corner and get blasted… Was tough to stay in right gear!! Looks like my FTP went up from 196 to 201 not huge but i feel good. I will let my coach Christian analyze and let me know.

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nice job @drlibasci the windy weather here so far this spring in Colorado has made outdoor riding challenging. The crit race I did Saturday got fragmented by the gusty conditions. looking forward to more calm days!

Congrats! I agree the wind has been brutal lately!