20 minute field test when I don't have a steady 2 to 3 % climb

I just purchased the 18 weeks sweet spot training plan and I am going to start it 2 weeks from now.

My question it’s the following;
I have lots a climb around my area, but most of them are no more than 15 minutes steady climb, most are irregular and my only choice it’s one climb which I have done a couple of 20 minutes test, but it has like a 300 meters 5% downhill with a tight curve in the middle so I can’t push it downhill, but before and after that it’s all steady uphill 4 to 5% gradient. I used to loose between 8 to 12 watts no matter what I do in that segment. I used to right one more minute, I mean 21 minute and eliminate the downhill in the middle.

  • It’s that ok or do you recommend me another way?

So I’m assuming the downhill in the middle is nearly a minute of not riding. Problem is that gives your muscles the chance to recover allowing you to go harder the last 10 and more anaerobic power. What’s interesting is how much you lose on the average.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect climb or 20 minute stretch. Can you use another climb that maybe shorter but you can start the effort with the lead in. It all doesn’t have to be perfectly uphill.

Just do the closes you can to an uninterrupted stretch day of road.

If you do that 20 minute effort and feel regardless of that 1 minute stretch in the middle you could hold that power without that “rest” use that number. If you’re able to hit your training targets, the training zones feel right than just use that test for the FTP.

Later on you can possible use group rides and races to help determine your FTP.