Should I use the estimated FTP calculated by Garmin after a training

Hi All.

I’m on the fondo plan advanced after having completed the indoor/outdoor intermediate.

I did the FTP test indoor Monday and it confirmed my recent results outdoor (20 minutes at 287 W, so and FTP of about 272 W).
Today I went out for some ride with climbs and on one tough climb my PMeter recorded 20 minutes at 311 Watt. This would lead to an FTP of 295W as calculated by Garmin or 289 W if I’d use 93% instead of 95%).
I’m afraid it is a bit ambitious to set the zones so high but just wondering if it is opportune I increase and how much my FTP for setting zone after a measurement that was not planned like in my todays’ case



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Was that actual power or normalized power average? It also could be possible with a hilly route you were using more of your anaerobic power system giving you a higher 20 minutes effort.

You’re right you don’t want to be over reaching. Do you wear a heart rate? How do the averages of your heart rate compare?

Also though you will be able to do more power outdoors than indoors. So you could have a different indoor FTP compared to outdoor.

Another thing you could look at with your simulation ride is your 1 hour normalized power. How does that compare?

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Hi Jack. Thanks for getting back to me. 311 W was actual power, NP was slightly higher at 318 W and it was on 9% average climb with peaks at 20% (so indeed sono anaerobic could have chipped in). average HR over the 20 minutes was 155 bpm compared to an FTHR normally around 168 with peak at 177 bpm

last, I have checked as you suggested, during this ride (lasting 3h41 minutes) I also did this year 1 hour peek at 261 W average power and 294 W normalised power. needless to say that that hour included the climb were a peeked in the 20 minutes. my best 1 hour power has been 274 w last October, during a gran fondo, again uphill and with a N power that time fro that hour of 283 W

conclusively, to what data a should look and so what you’d suggest I put as FTP?

thanks much fro helping!


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With seeing this data I would lead to have you set it at 280 watts. Start with that. See if you are able to complete the efforts with no issue. Every zone has a pretty wide range so hitting your targets shouldn’t be an issue. The only thing you want to avoid is riding at or slightly over your actual FTP during sweet spot intervals. Only reason being is that defeats some of the benefits of sweet spot such as the ability to recover, repeatability and being able to do more of it as if you were over you won’t be able to recover as well.

Use your heart rate and perceived exertion as well to monitor training efforts and intervals. Sometimes being on a climb or in an event like a Grand Fondo will give you that more motivation to go harder than just pounding a 20 minute effort in on the trainer.

Also I’m assuming you are using the same power source? A trainer and your bike power meters may read slightly different.


Thanks Jake, Actually for measuring on Zwift i used my trainer power meter that is different from the one i have on the bike but I’ve never experienced so material differences I will follow you kind suggestion and see how it goes!

and BTW, in any event, whatever the number is, I’ve improved a lot thanks to Fascat plan!


Also you can just make sure you calibrate your powermeter / trainer regularly. You may already do that but some don’t so throwing it out there.

Hi Jake and sorry again for bothering. Today, After yesterday completely off, i felt inspired and i did short race (16.8 km) on Zwift. Again I’ve recorded my new peek on 20 minutes at 314 (even more than Sunday), with a NP of 316; after the race i continued training since i felt good legs, without particularly focusing on pushing but still the peek fro one hour was good at 260W (NP 278, so in this case lower than sunday 294).

I do believe that being a short race a strong anaerobic component might have chipped in also today, but just double checking if i should stick to 280 as estimated FTP or should i put something more. I agree that do not want to spoil sweet spot with wrong data and so apologies for thenuisance!

thanks again


#1 You should always FtFP @amilcare81 - I do not recall any Zwift racing on your plan.

#2 To answer your questions we would need to analyze the data. Words here in the forum don’t answer your question - analysis does.

This is why we created our Coaching Subscription last year: for $39/month you can attach your TrainingPeaks account to us SO we can go into this ride you are describing here, analyze the data and voila - answer for sure. Without such analysis we are just shooting from the hip…

Hi Frank, thanks for this and I’will consider it as much as i’m considering hiring one of your coaching.