FTFP Playlist Thread!

Alright Fascats,

I know some if not most of you are jamming out when you FTFP. I am always looking for new music to keep me motivated and push me during workouts (or just to get out the door on some days). How about we share what we are listening to keep us going through these short, dark, and cold days?

I’ll start by sharing my go-to Spotify playlist. It’s a bit eclectic and I update it whenever I realize I am tired of hearing the same songs…which is completely random.

This is a judgement-free thread! Also, some songs are definitely not PG – you have been warned.


Hey this is awesome @ahmed.zuhairy !

This reminds me: long ago FasCat used to host indoor cycling classes in Boulder and the gal that won Unbound & Steamboat Gravel this year , Lauren De Crescenzo used to lead some of those classes for us. She was amazing at making playlists to motivate the riders during the class. Here’s her playlist - this was about 7 years ago but the music still holds true to upbeat and fun


Awesome! I will definitely be giving this a listen. If it works for Lauren then maybe it’ll work for us mortals. Thanks @FRANK!

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ok update @FRANK, I think Lauren is just high school me circa 2007. This is a trip. Thanks again for sharing!

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I can’t ride without music so I’m always up for new playlists :slight_smile:
The playlist that gets me through harder sessions is this one, maybe it can help others too with similar music taste :wink:


This is awesome @TheBlackKite . I’ve never been a rock guy when it comes working out/FTFPing, but I might have to just put this playlist on and give it a fair shake! Thanks for sharing!

Anyone else got Pandora like me… my list is mostly uptempo electronic. I like songs that are LONG (helps the intervals go by faster). Also I like songs that have a good crescendo to look forward to.

Great idea, thanks for sharing.


Have not used Pandora since HS but I like the idea of longer songs and uptempo electronic for longer sessions. Will def give this a shot. Thanks for sharing @tgoods

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Here is a playlist I’ve been working on for our 3 x 8 min On 4 min Off; 1.5 hours sweet spot workout found in day 3 of our 16 weeks of sweet spot plan

Its a work in progress to get the upbeat song to match the intervals and chill song to match the z2 warm up/cool down and recovery intervals inbetween the sweet spots!


Which, FasCat Coalition, brings me to a subject dear to me … I love playlists on the trainer but I also love the Fascat Podcasts… pretty please @FRANK can we have the podcasts not to be less than 60 minutes LOL it’s a bummer when my workout is still going and the words of wisdom and inspiration cease and I’m gut deep into that last 15 minute full gas Christian Parrett interval !

I’m not serious (well …) just a fun share on a cold wet Friday morning here in the Southern latitudes!

#FTFP and keep up the #TSTWKT


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Ah a playlist for specific workouts? Thats brilliant, I honestly never thought about that one. But indeed this needs probably a lot of fiddling around.
My playlists were more like 1 for difficult sessions or 1 for recovery sessions.


My indoors FTP test playlist. :notes:


Fantastic! I’ll absolutely give this a listen. If it performs for Lauren, perhaps it would pay for the majority among us. Thanks

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Rage Against The Machine radio

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Great idea btw and thank you @ahmed.zuhairy

You’re welcome @efty19! I love that folks are taking part in this! Some of the playlists that folks have shared have been refreshing and helped me get through some long, tough winter dies.

Here’s one I made based on the NCS music featured in the cycling motivation YouTube videos.

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