Zwift Meetup with Coach Jake this Thursday, February 11th, 7pm est/5pm mst

Greetings Coalition Members!

Coach @Jake will be hosting a Zwift MeetUp next Thursday, Dec. 10th @ 7pm est / 5pm mst. We’d love for you ALL to join us.

To join - use the Zwift Companion APP and follow “Jake Rytlewski” and you’ll get the invite.

This will be a no drop ride so everyone can stay together. Let’s have some fun while FtFP’ing!

This meetup dovetails off a podcast we recorded yesterday ‘Using Zwift to FtFP’ - it will be live very shortly but here’s the transcript/training tip


I’m in! See you all next week.

Ed K

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Looking forward to having you join us @edward.krasnai

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Also posted the ride on our Strava club here

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Am in! Need some motivation instead of being solo all the time.


Bikes are always more fun when you share them with others, even if it is virtually.
Looking forward to having the super mom riding with us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s pretty much sad for us in Europe here that we can’t join, this is like 2 AM in the middle of the night :smiley: but will try to join the next one guys!


Hi Jake - I started following you 4 - 5 days ago but didn’t get an invite yet for this ride.

What is your Zwift name? I’ve been trying to get everyone but without knowing names it is hard to tell. I’ll get the invite sent ASAP

Maybe next time we will make an afternoon one for us so you cans over in Europe can join. I know when I did some of the virtual US races here I had teammates in England waking up at 2am to do the time trials. I couldn’t imagine.

Zwift name is:

Q - Brewery Ommegang.

Thanks a lot, looking forward to it

Done! So you should have it.

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Got it! Thanks a lot.

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I’ll try to make it, see if the wifey leaves town for the night

Jake Landphier

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Hope it’s not too late to get an invite, Zwift name is Josh Van Cleef. Cheers!

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Got you Josh and sent invite. See you soon!

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Hi, looking for an invite, please and thank you!

Sent it over to it so you should have it. See you soon!

Woot! First Zwift group ride :slight_smile:

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Bummed I missed this but rest day for me in the adaption phase of the 10 week strength. Last rest day until December 2nd some I’m taking it haha.

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