FTFP kinda sorta?

So I’m doing the Fondo training plan and I was going to do a solo century as my ride. For this weekend, my local bike group is organizing a century ride. Can I do this century ride as Saturday and Sunday’s ride combined? Since I’ll be in a pack I won’t be pushing too hard and the pace shouldn’t be much faster than what I’d ride solo at anyways.

Should I bail an FTFP or can I bend the rules a little bit and do a practice century before the real thing?

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I am not the expert here, so some of the other coaches may chime in at some point… but I would say that it depends on whether the ride is on saturday or sunday (if it is sunday, then you run the risk of not being recovered for your intervals on tuesday) as well as what your fitness was like coming into the plan. Have you done a century before? Or is this a new feat for you?

The ride is on Sunday and this would be my first century ever. Farthest I’ve gone so far is 75 miles solo( was on gravel and had around 5500 ft of climbing). The century planned has around 3200 ft of climbing. I usually have issues with hydration and nutrition and burn out around the 60 mile mark. This ride has a break halfway at a coffee shop and I’m more prepared for the nutrition/hydration side this time.

Also, my fitness is sort of stagnating and on the decline :frowning:. I don’t feel any worse but my “form” has been going down lately.

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Yea, do this as long as you can stay socially distanced and wear a mask :slight_smile:

But a long ride with others is always good for the motivation as opposed to doing 5-6 hours solo