For those who in doubt on Fascat training program

Good Afternoon all,

This is a very quick review to those ladies and gent’s who have some doubts on the training programs
Are they working? Maybe yes? Maybe no?

So, i am a 50+ year old never been to “sporty” but had always interest in cycling (from the couch hehe)

Hence, here I am on my first ever structured training completed my week 13

Some of us will have much better results but again I am comparing and competing with my own self only

Started the training on 11/Feb/2021 (a bit late for the winter wrap-up) for a 200KM event in July

Data as follow:
11-FEB - 2021
Fitness/CTL = 52 => Fatigue/ATL = 51 => Form/TSB = -6
FTP: 141

11-APR - 2021
Fitness/CTL = 77 => Fatigue/ATL = 91 => Form/TSB = -11
FTP: 200 (correct for 11/4 Today)

I know for some of you FTP 200 is not high, but I am saying that the plans are working without a shadow of a doubt. Of course, a lot of dedication and work is required but if you use the time and plan as arranged the plan will work and will help you reach your goal.

So I hope this will put your mind to rest and don’t give up, keep it going to the end of any program you purchased because you will be a winner in the end of the session.

Best Regards



Way to go and thanks for sharing! Keep on FTfP’ing!