First Ourdoor Ride with Power Meter

I finally took the plunge and bought a PM. (it took some time to find one that fit).

Anyway. The only field test I had done was on my Kikr so I have all my zones set off that result (234NP for 20 min, no multiplier as per Frank’s comment in one of the Pods about indoor testing)…after the first hour of my ride today, my TSS was at 95…but I felt fine. I had done a couple sprints, but nothing crazy. For context, my HR was bouncing between Z2 and Z3.

Does that mean my FTP is way off? I was going to rest up and do a field test, but I just listened to the “off season training for cyclists” podcast, It was mentioned that you tend to prescribe a test right after I get out of the weight room and then after the SS progression. Since I plan to start Fall Foundations and the Strength in 3 weeks, should I just hold off on the field test, or let 'er rip?

Sorry for the long question :slight_smile:

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A few things possibly going on. first, expect there’s going to be variability, maybe 3 to as much as 5%, between your trainer’s PM and your new PM. second, did you calibrate your PM before the ride with the new PM (and on the Kikr before the field test for that matter). third, most people find it easier to generate more power outdoors than indoors on a trainer.

So very likely not accurate as you suspect. But since it sounds like you are going into the offseason I wouldn’t sweat it.

report back with your new FTP after your test!