First field test post ride report

I’ve been doing fascat for about 9 months now. Just purchasing plans and implementing them to fit my agend as I go. This is my first actual field test, I hit a 20 minute power pr some time around June so I’ve just been using that as my ftp to avoid over testing.

Just coming off a regen week, I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel. I had the typical drop in volume on regen week, but I also had a cx race (first place! :crazy_face:) on Sunday. My legs on Sunday felt like my typical flat, rest week legs (but enough to get the job done) so I decided to do the field test opener workout on Monday as prescribed, legs still did not feel great. So this morning, I told myself, just do the field test and give it everything you have.

I started the ride and my legs felt great, but… 10 minutes in garmin told me my performance was at -4, oh great, I thought. But I’ve already seen a low performance number and had it improve throughout a ride, so I continued on.

The route was perfect! Here, where I’m at in pa, we don’t have big long climbs so you need to get creative. Basically, the first half of my route was uninterrupted flat road, the second half was a long, gradual, 3 mile climb. My previous 20 minute pr was 385.

I feel I also paced it perfectly. My target for the first 10 minutes was 380, knowing I could achieve that with relative comfort. At the 10 minute mark I upped my target to 390-395w. With 5 minutes to go I aimed for anything over 400w and with one minute to go I was targeting 450W+.

I did it!! I set a new power pr, 397 watts average for 20 minutes. Wow, I just can’t believe it! I was training at an ftp of 366, and I will be setting my new ftp at 377 to start my mtb marathon block for nationals in October. LFG!!!

Thanks @FRANK and the fascat team!!


Here’s a look at how my performance condition improved as the ride continued! Just proof to never give up!

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Amazing work @chad.davis -

Thanks or sharing your success with us!!

-Coach Allie

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