File analysis from Lotoja Relay

So Lotoja relay had some ups and downs. I did 95 miles and around 6000” vert mostly solo, since my field dispersed and never found anyone to work with.
Both my legs were combined so basically a regular century.
I did fine on the first 65ish miles and put in good power… and I’ll be honest, I really really wanted to PR the Strawberry climb and I did by 2 minutes.
But the last 30 miles we’re brutal! I tried to keep my power in z2 until the climbs, but even on the last climb I about died just crawling up at a snails pace. I had never done this many hours solo before this race, and I didn’t have any recovery time from drafting.
My power was diminished, my body was cracking, and I felt ill. My only willpower was to finish my part, all my other goals became impossible.
I was disappointed that my body didn’t perform as well as I had hoped the last 1.5-2 hrs. So, I was hoping someone might look at my race file and help me understand what I might have done better.
Should I have given myself recovery miles since I had no drafting?
Was my pacing too hot in the first half?
Any wisdom of how I can improve would be amazing.