Festive 500 anyone?

Anybody planning on doing the Festive500 this year? I’m trapped inside, but after Frank mentioned it on the Pod I thought it might be a good idea.

Wondering what your week might look like while you do it? I’m thinking I’m going to do regular scheduled rides this Fri-sat (2h each day), then take Sunday off, and build next week like a 5 day training camp with a day off in the middle.

Anybody else?

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I’m in :raising_hand_man: I encourage most athletes I coach to join and complete and I designed their training plans around the 8 days.

If you listen to the intro of this week’s podcast, I cover my ‘hacks’ for achieving 500k’s when the outside rides aren’t possible!

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I plan on doing it all indoors. My strategy is to use Zwift group rides for the added speed so the kms tick by faster. Also avoid the climbing as much as possible. I do plan on one off day in the middle to recover. Also want to plan it where I can have an hour easy on the last day for a bit of recovery before the New Years Day ride.

But as Frank aid all about having it planned and designed which really helps.


Count me in too. I’ll also be doing it all indoors on Zwift.

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im headed out in a few hours for a ride… Doubtful i can finish it all but it will be a good kick off to my new year and new training plan…


using this challenge to help meet my mileage goal for the year. hope to do half outdoors if weather cooperates.


Traveling through 12/29. Hoping to make my own 500 km challenge once I get back home