FasCat Zwift Group Ride January 20th, 2022

Hi All!

We will do another FasCat group ride on Thursday January 20th at 7pm EST, 5pm MST. I have sent the invite out to all those who attended and asked for the invitation last time. So you should see the invite. If not let me know and I will add you to the list.

For those who were unable to join last week and have not received an invite let me know and I will get that to you.


hey @Jake do you have the Clubs feature on your ZCA?

just finished the Zwift group ride podcast:

In that ride last week I had asked about getting an in game Fascat jersey and heard you and Frank talk about it. Looks like from this article it will be eventually part of the Clubs feature: How do I get my club’s kit into Zwift? | Zwift Insider


Hi Jake

I added you on Zwift, have not done the group ride before. My name is Matthew Walker on Zwift. Thanks!


Hey Jake, please add me to the list invite. I’ll try to make it. Sandy Draper


Unfortunately the time doesn’t work for us in the uk - 11.00pm

Yeah we will look at doing that when that feature is available to us. Seems the rollout is slow as I still don’t have that option. But stay tuned! Hopefully by the end of the month and our first ride in February.


sign me up. just added you. Chris Johnston is my screen name (and actual name :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I’m on your followers list and would appreciate an invite!

Either under xDOMx or Dom Sharman.

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I’d like to join tonight. Name is Jeremy Cobb on zwift

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Hey Coach Jake, I’d like to join tonight if it’s not too late. (Joe Hofeditz) I just fired up Zwift for the first time this year. Ready to go!

Something went awry with my invite, but I joined in the end by just choosing “Ride with” on the start menu.

Next time, I’ll be part of the official ride (time depending) I’m sure!

Some screenshots attached.

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Well I was there at the start but didn’t realize it was 2.5-3.0w/kg, got dropped quick and couldn’t catch back up. My Thursdays call for a zone 2 ride and 2.5-3.0w/kg put my power above threshold so mentally I checked out :joy:

Should I show up again next week and not worry about the zone 2?

(Thanks for the invite Jake, if nothing else gives me another motivation to improve)


sorry that happened. I had a momentary lapse of attention right at the start of the ride and had to sprint to get back on. If you get right into the draft you’ll be able to stay ~2.3-2.6 w/kg for the duration of the ride.

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Cheers, James. I’ll be better prepared next time. I had heard before about how tough it is to get back on but had to see for myself :grimacing:


It depends. Say you are suppose to do a sweet spot workout on Tuesday and our group ride pace is near your tempo / sweet spot pace. You could replace the workout with the Fascat Ride and on Tuesday or Wednesday do just a zone 2 ride. So getting the same work in the week as planned just a bit differently.

It’s really hard to make a ride work for everyone. Ideally in the future we would have enough riders on one ride we could split into two groups like an A and B group. But for now we will just try to accommodate the group as a whole as much as we can. And also give out ideas how to make the ride work for you.

Thanks for everyone who joined and tried to join. Sorry I missed the invite on some of those late joiners. Try to let me know at least the day before the ride if you can. Also sounds like you can just pick join ride with Jake as an option when you log on. I will get into those details before the next one.

Again thanks to everyone who joined! Had fun riding and chatting with you all. The hour just flew by!


Planning this week to join in. How did you chat? Typing or discord?

We do typing but will look into a discord channel

Not necessarily asking for a discord channel. Concentrating on riding is fine with me.