FasCat Zwift Club and Group R

FasCat now officially has a club on Zwift. Now you can join our club and our group rides anytime.

This week we will do a ride on Thursday February 3rd at 7pm EST.

Here is a link to join the ride:

If you join the FasCat Club any ride we do will show up in your events on the Zwift companion app. We can now easily set up a few different rides through the year, at different times, paces and etc. so stay tuned for those.


Can you add me to the club? Grant Hoskin (grant.hoskin@gmail.com)


@Jake Hi Jake,

I was able to click the link and join the ride but I don’t see anywhere to join the new Fascat club. With the other Zwift clubs I received an invite to join but didn’t get one this time. Just wanted to let you know.


Can you look again? I just changed to anyone can join as opposed to ask for invite. If not I will send out invitations. But I have took to see how. All new to me.

I don’t see the club either …

Just checked again. I don’t see anything within the ride itself on the ZCA where I can join the Fascat club and I don’t have an invitation in Clubs to join. I am a co-owner on another club and we had to push out invitations from “Roster”.

From the Clubs page click on the three dots in the top right and select roster. Then click on the plus sign (see attached screenshot). You’ll only be able to invite your own followers and be limited to 100.

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Got it. And it looks like I can only add 50 and they still have to be following me.

Please add my name. Thanks.

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I would also like to join. My Zwift Id is K.evinMiller. I’ve followed you.

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Please add me too DOC SAVAGE SILVERBAKS.

Thanks much

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Please add me to the club too please. I’m following you…

George Anderson

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Got the invite today. Thanks!


I don’t even have Clubs in my Companion app now. On iOS 15.3. I was able to manually join the ride for 2/3 but that’s it.

If you are able to send an invite to Matthew Walker, I’d appreciate it :blush:

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I’ll take an invite to the club as well. Found the ride, but not the club. Gary Hawkins

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Can I have an invite to the club please?

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We have 24 riders so far signed up to join on us tomorrow night! Awesome really looking forward to it!

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Jake, can I do my training block in the club ride or no? I know things like Tour de Zwift it won’t allow you? Just want to be sure I #ftfp

Yeah of course you can. Not sure what you are having to do for the ride but the group will ride at a steady 2.5 w/kg. So depending on your workout and w/kg at that pace you maybe ahead or behind.

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Coach Jake, can I please get an invite?
Heath Meyer

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Could I get an invite to the club too?
Simon Harrison (YRCC)

Zwift really didn’t make it very easy or intuitive to find and join a club (unless I’m missing something obvious?)

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