Zwift Meetup with Coach Jake [JakerPacing] this Thursday, February 11th, 7pm est/5pm mst

Happy Monday everyone!

Coach @Jake will be hosting a Zwift MeetUp this Thursday, Feb 11th @ 7pm est / 5pm mst. We’d love for you ALL to join us.

To join - use the Zwift Companion APP and follow “Jake Rytlewski” and you’ll get the invite.

This will be a no drop ride so everyone can stay together. Let’s have some fun while FtFP’ing!

This meetup dovetails off a podcast we recorded ‘Using Zwift to FtFP’ :


Looking forward to it! I start sending out invites tomorrow when I create the meet up! If you don’t get an invite be sure to mention here that you would like one and I’ll be sure to add you!


Hey Jake-was not sure if the meetup invites had been sent and wanted to see if I could get an invite. Thanks.

hi @k.eldredge

same on the invite. following Jake on Zwift and haven’t received anything.


Hi James,

What is your name in Zwift? I cant just invite my whole list as I can only invite up to 100 and I have more followers. So I have to go through the list and pick the athletes I believe are FasCat athletes. I can add you.

Got you Kevin. Just sent invite.

Hey Coach @Jake. Hook me up with invite too. Please.

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Still room for another? I’d love to join and add some fun to the Zone 2 workout for today.

Zwift Name: Rob Rayburn

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Bullet S (BRACM50B)


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Heath, James and Robert I have sent invites! See you guys tonight.

Anyone else just respond here and I’ll be sure to send you an invite! Looking like a good size group tonight!


Me too please! Rob Slowinski

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Hey Rob! Sent it. See you tonight

Hey Jake, want to throw me the invite?

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Hey Can you send one to me too.

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Make sure you leave your Zwift name on here as well so I know who to invite. But I believe I have everyone up until this point.

I will circle back here an hour before the ride and invite those who make comments.

Oops I’m probably too late, but if you could add Alistair Hill in YYC that would be awesome! If not I will just do my Training Peaks workout and get on the next one!

Good ride everybody. extra training


If the majority of people enjoy the no drop feature then don’t switch on account of my bellyaching. Not sure how others feel but for me it just makes the group ride experience less like riding IRL.

I’d never had a problem with the no-drop feature, but on Thursday I was way off the back the entire time and couldn’t figure out why. Was hoping to ride low Zone 2 and stuck to that plan, but it spit me way out the back, so I wasn’t even really riding with the group. The rubber band feature would catch me up a couple times at certain points, only to spit me back out. Was happening to one or two other people as well. Never had that happen before!

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