FasCat Athletes Whoop Team!

Hey FasCat Athletes!

We have received some requests lately to create a team through Whoop and now with their new update we have done so! The team is just a fun way to compare and grow our community.

If you would like to be apart of this team just send me your username on Whoop and I will send you an invite.

If you would like to try Whoop out and join our team please feel free to use our link for a month free.



Please can you add me: @funkylarma

you got it! Just sent you an invite

Whoop user name: @tilkerb

@tilkerb, Invitation sent!

Thanks coach!
Joined last night. Straight in the red this morning after a rough night with the kids.

#DadWatts - maybe you can catch back up on sleep, kids willing tonight and this weekend - good luck!

Fire me up! @darrenlacy

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@shifterpods - please add me to the team.

Great! Just sent you an invite

Can you please add me @msibum

Done! Just sent that over to you

can you add username @humbach please?

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Awesome idea! Can you add @MSINGH?

Done. Just sent that over to you!

Added! Just sent that invite over.

Up to 13 members! Let us know what you like about this function.

Ooh! Iā€™m into it. @mvareschi

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@m.vareschi you got it!

The annual summary is neat. Hilariously I have marginally better sleep and recovery if I have had two or more drinks before bedtime! Probably related to being less likely to have a couple of beers if I have trained hard that day.

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