Whoop Users Chime in

Any other Whoop users on the forum? I got one out of curiosity since I’m such a fitness data nerd. Its been interesting to learn about HRV and track my sleep etc, but in general I’m not sure I’m on board with the info it’s giving me

Just wrapped up a 6 week SST plan yesterday and can feel it in my bones. Trainingpeaks CTL says my form is -24 which feels right–TGIM (thank god its Monday)

But Whoop is telling me my recovery is at 94% and “my body is ready to take on strain” Um, no its not… If gets something like this wrong, not sure I can buy anything it says.

Give our podcast with Whoop a listen (if you haven’t already)

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Recovery is based on where you are compared to your 30 day recovery performance. I have found months where I’m fatigued it takes less sleep performance to get a good recovery score.

thx! listening intently now…

Whoop is missing a very simple metric - how you actually feel. I’ve asked them repeatedly to add this. Despite your recovery score, sleep metrics, etc. sometimes how you actually feel deviates from the Whoop metrics. It’s this insight that I really want.

Wouldn’t this be served by the prompted RPE and subjective performance rating per-workout?

I mean totally unrelated to a workout…your general feeling. I have days where I have +90% sleep performance and ‘green’ recovery but I feel like shit (and not sick). I’d like to try to drive down into the data and try to figure out why that is.


I agree with Ryan 100%. I’ve had days where I feel jet-lagged/hungover and WHOOP score is really high – and vice versa.

Seems a lot less accurate as a measure to me than the “Fatigue” score in Training Peaks. That’s dead on 100% of the time.

I paid for a full year of Whoop–at this point can’t see renewing, but I’ll give them a till the end of my account to prove me wrong.

I’vebBeen using Whoop for about a year and a half and have found it to be enlightening. Comparing a subjective measure such as ‘how I feel’ to a quantitative measure based on HRV and resting HR among other metrics is bound to not align. I’ve found that on the days when I ‘feel’ crappy but have a green recovery, the workout goes far better than I would have expected. My HR is responsive, power numbers are really solid, in some instances much better. Not what I would have expected as I’m throwing my leg over the bike.

There are any number fo variables that can drive a poor perceived condition - mental strain either from work or home or pandemics, hydration, poor diet can all impact perception.

That’s been my experience.