Help - What Training Plan?

I am a fit 58 year old woman. With the last few months of 2020 I’ll have completed my 7th year of road and 1st year of gravel cycling. I was a competitive bodybuilder before degenerative disc disease which made lifting heavy very painful. Last year I rode 6700 miles and this year I’m on track for the same. I am looking for a training plan for a couple of events, The Rift & Transrockies Gravel (4 weeks after the Rift) with the goal to finish strong. I would love to be able to climb faster as that is what I believe holds me back. Unfortunately, I’ll soon be limited to only riding outdoors on the weekends due to the lack of daylight (and I’m still working). What training plan(s) should I be doing and when should I start? 32 wk ? Sweet Spot???

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The Rift and TransRockies is going to be epic! Since you have that might time to train from now until then yes, I do recommend our 32 week off season training plan. The only catch is that plan has heavy lifting in the form of squats which may rule you out?

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