Different calorie burn on rides

Hi all

I have to use two bike comps at the moment - wahoo elemnt bolt and polar M450. This is because my health insurance sadly won’t accept data from Wahoo (I receive benefits by sharing evidence of workouts so use the polar to make the most of these). However even though both are linked to my hr monitor and power meters, they seem measure calorie burn in a radically different way, particularly on lower intensity rides. Today on a Z2 4 hr ride Polar registered 2200 calories and Wahoo 545 ( it was the lower intensity of z2). Polar obviously is steeped in hr know how but Wahoo clearly have their evidence based approach. I’m on the 18 wk SS plan but would like to know for refuelling purposes but the difference seems more than just an anomaly. Any thoughts on this please anyone? Would love to know which one to trust.

Use the kiloJoules from your powermeter - that is the most accurate, more so that by heart rate:

Genius! Thank you very much for the steer. The kJ does match the calories according to polar

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