Indoor hr is high and watts low

Week 3 fall foundation of the 32 week off season:
So I’ve been on my trainer a few times and I’m struggling. I’m not able to hold power as long and my heart rate is higher than normal and doesn’t drop unless I stop for a minute. Today I was supposed to do sweet spot at 180 for 8 minutes x2 but I couldn’t even hold 180 so I tried to keep 150. Is that normal for indoor training?
My heart rate is higher than it should be like z3 even when watts are in z2. I end up feeling like I can barely get through my ftfp and right now I’m hating it.

If your not using a fan or something to help cool your body than this is expected. Id recommend the lasko high velocity utility fan.


Yes if you are not using a fan or the room you are training in is too hot it can lead to a very high heart rate and perceived exertion. Some riders will even use two fans to help keep themselves cool.

The other thing I would look into is making sure that the power reading indoors is similar to the one that is outdoors. Not sure if you are using a different type of measurement indoors such as a smart trainer. Try running both at the same time to compare to make sure they are accurate with each other.

Also note that even with fans, a cooler room and similar power readings you can see as much as a 5% decrease in indoor power compared to outdoor power. So you most likely won’t be hitting the same power. Some riders will even go as far as to have a FTP number for outdoors and a separate FTP for indoor training.

If the power is different, how do I get my kickr to the correct power?

I would just recalibrate both. Hard to say which one is right or wrong. But if different just use the power from your on the bike power if possible. Use that one to record your workout and track the effort you are making.

Thank you! Got them both calibrated and that was the problem with the kickr, the power was reading really low. I’m new to using the kickr, power meter, and training plans.

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How do I set a different FTP for indoors (Vs the one for outdoors) on Training Peaks and for structured workouts? Thx!

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Memorize the zones for both :wink:

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Since power zones are by definition a range, you could set them up such that you’re aiming for the upper end of the range when riding outdoors and be satisfied to hold the lower end of the range when riding indoors? That way you don’t have to keep track of two different things…


You have a few options here I believe.

First you could set your FTP in TrainingPeaks to the indoor FTP power number. However you would have a problem when you get to outdoor training and it would mess up your TSS / CTL.

You could just know your power zones. Have the indoor numbers memorized or within sight as you ride.

If you use a different platform for riding indoors such as Zwift you could set your FTP lower there and it should use the target percentages of your FTP.

But what I would recommend above all is just using the powermeter or power reading from the bike. This way you keep everything accurate and consistent. Won’t be able to use erg mode but I would recommend you don’t anyways and get use to holding the power as opposed to the trainer doing it for you. Keeps you more engaged in the workout.

Someone else may have some other options.

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