Denver Area FTP Test Roads

I am new to Denver (Virginia Village) and am looking for a 7-8 mile stretch of road for FTP testing. Can any of you Denver area cyclists here make recommendations?

Waterton Canyon seems like a good option but may not be long enough. Any of the other canyon roads? Anything good east of 470?

Open to driving or riding to a course.

Welcome - there is nothing to the East but check out LookOUT MTN west of Golden or Deer Canyon West of Littleton / Highlands area.

Overall there’s incredible climbing west of you and nothing but flat to the north, south and east of you :wink:

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Welcome to CO Samuel. Hope you’re enjoying the riding out here. This segment will work for about 99% of the population:

If you go you can park right on the side of the road at Wadsworth and Deer Creek Canyon Rd. then ride into Chatfield to warm up.

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Thanks, James. I’ll give it a try. I’ve ridden Deer Creek a few times but wasn’t sure if the grade was consistent enough. I rode east on Jewell from near Gun Club today. Too many rollers. Looks like some nice gravel though.